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Moody Yachts have a tradition in the luxurious cruising yacht sector, which goes back almost 100 years. They offer extremely high quality and come equipped with only the best technology, which makes life on board extremely comfortable.  Since 2007, HanseYachts AG has been committed to continuing the Moody legacy as the established European yacht boatyard. Moody Yachts continue to impress with sophisticated technology exclusive,unique design, outstanding workmanship and high functionality combined with solid sailing performance. HanseYachts AG combines established tradition with the highest demands. The brand is being developed successfully, together with the long-standing Moody designer, Bill Dixon.
In Association with Seaglaze Marine Windows
In Association with Seaglaze Marine Windows
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Select a model from the list below: Model Moody 27 Moody 28 Moody 29 Moody 30 Moody 31 Moody 33 Moody 333 Moody 336 Moody 34 (Circa 1980’s) Moody 346 Moody 35 Moody 36 Moody 37 Moody 376 Moody 38 Moody 39 Moody 40 Moody 41 Moody 419 Moody 42 (circa 2000) Moody 422 Moody 425 Moody Eclipse 43 Moody 44 (Circa 1990’s) Moody 46 Moody 47 Moody 54 Moody 64
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Official Moody Owners Association Page Official Moody Owners Association Page
Variant Moody 31 MK I Moody 31 MK II Moody S31 Moody 33 MK I Moody 33 MK II Moody 33S Moody Eclipse 33 Moody 36 (Circa 1980’s) Moody 36DS Moody 36S Moody 36 (Circa 1990’s) Moody Eclipse 38 Moody 38 (circa 1990’s) Moody 38 (circa 2000) Moody S38 Moody 40 (circa 1980’s) Moody 40 (circa 1990’s)